Officially opened on November 3, 2018 Tour De Singkarak 2018 was held on eight stages by involving 15 of the 19 districts and cities in West Sumatra Province. Eight stages will take a route along 1,100 kilometers.

The following is the full schedule of 2018 Tour De Singkarak:

Stage I November 4, 2018Start Bukittinggi, pass Tanah Datar and Finish in Sijunjung

Stage II Nov. 5, 2018Start in Sawahlunto through Sijunjung and Finish in Dharmasraya

Stage III Nov. 6, 2018Start at Solok Kota through the Solok Police Station and Finish in Tanah Datar

Stage IV November 7, 2018Start in Padang City past Padang Pariaman, Kota Pariaman and finish in Agam

Stage V Nov. 8, 2018Start in 50 cities passing Payakumbuh, Bukittinggi and finish in Pasaman

Stage VI on 9 November 2018Start in Solok City past Tanah Datar and finish in Payakumbuh

Stage VII November 10, 2018Start in Padang Panjang through Tanah Datar, Solok Kota, Solok and finish in South Solok

Stage VIII 11 November 2018Start in Painan Pessel through Padang City, Padang Pariaman and finish in Pariaman City